Why Preventive Dentistry Is Important to Your Overall Health-Be True to Your Teeth

Why Preventive Dentistry Is Important to Your Overall Health-Be True to Your Teeth

August 1, 2022

The mouth is a gateway into the body. Poor dental health and hygiene lead to diseases that compromise your overall health. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your mouth in excellent health. You can do so by getting preventive dentistry in Edmonton, AB. Co. find out how to work around your finances and choose the right dentist for optimum dental health.

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

This branch of dentistry involves preventing, diagnosing, and treating dental health issues. It focuses on maintaining great oral and overall health. Preventive dentistry services benefit the entire family. It helps them helping them avoid complicated dental problems in the future.

Common preventive treatments are exams, cleanings, diagnostics, and fluoride and sealant treatments. Other services include early orthodontic care and the provision of protective mouthguards. The dentist also provides education on taking proper care of your oral health.

A Healthy Mouth Means a Healthy Body

Preventive dental care focuses on maintaining excellent dental hygiene and health. Therefore, it is crucial that you regularly brush, floss, and rinse your mouth. The dentist near you can reinforce your daily oral hygiene through dental exams and cleanings. Keeping your mouth clean prevents issues that can negatively impact your health.

The mouth contains healthy bacteria which aid in breaking down foods. They are kept in control by good oral care and your body’s natural defense system. However, if the bacteria increase significantly, they lead to infections and diseases linked to poor oral health.

For example, poor dental hygiene leads to gum disease. Gingivitis or periodontitis affects your gums, teeth, and jaw bone. The symptoms of these diseases are acute pain, discomfort, and the inability to eat well. Untreated gum disease also leads to heart problems and pregnancy and birth complications. It is also linked to stomach ulcers and pneumonia.

Preventive dentistry in Edmonton, AB, ensures that your teeth are in excellent condition. A dentist providing preventive dental care will help keep your teeth from decay or damage. They do so effectively using sealants, fluoride treatments, and mouthguards. In addition, the expert will ensure that your kid’s teeth develop correctly and stay in top shape.

You Do Not Have to Break the Bank on Dental Care-Many Preventive Treatments Are Covered by Insurance

Most people avoid seeking dental care until they need the services of a dental professional. The cost of dental care is one of the reasons they don’t seek preventive dentistry services. What they are unaware of is preventive treatments are covered by insurance.

The dental insurance plans offer 100% coverage for some preventive dental services. Depending on the provider, services that require major dental work get 80% or 50% coverage. If you do not have insurance, you can discuss alternative financing options with your dentist. Besides, you can use a flexible spending account or a health savings account.

Choosing the Right Dentist Is Important -Do Your Research and Find One Who Fits Your Needs

Attaining optimum oral hygiene and maintaining good dental health depends on having the right dentist. When choosing a dentist near you for preventive dental care, there are several things to consider. They include:

  1. Ensure that the dental health board approves the dentist’s qualification to practice dentistry. Check that the dentist has additional training in preventive dental services.
  2. Research the dentist’s credentials. Ascertain that they have the necessary training, skills, and experience to provide dental healthcare. Also, ensure that the dentist doesn’t have a history of malpractice claims. Check for previous disciplinary actions.
  3. Search for a dentist near your location. This prevents traveling far distances whenever you need dental care. Additionally, ensure that their dental offices are easily accessible for people in wheelchairs.
  4. Find out if the dentist uses advanced dentistry technology in their practice. Modern equipment and the latest treatment techniques will help in diagnosis and treatment.
  5. Ask if the dentist provides telehealth services. These are diagnostic and treatment services that involve telecommunications technology. Telehealth services are convenient for routine follow-ups, minor complaints, and managing some conditions.
  6. Ensure that the dentist accepts your dental health insurance to provide affordable treatments. You can also ask if they have flexible payment plans for their dental health services. At Ellerslie Dental Clinic, we work with several insurance companies to provide preventive dental care for the entire family.
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