Why Do You Need Tooth Extractions? 

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Why Do You Need Tooth Extractions? 

June 1, 2021

Did your dentist break the news that you need a tooth extraction as your treatment? It is not a thrilling idea to think of losing your natural teeth, especially when your dentist recommends it. However, extractions in Edmonton are necessary dental solutions that help preserve patients’ oral health. It is not a double standard for dental experts to practice tooth extractions when one of the core purposes of dentistry is to preserve natural teeth. Instead, an extraction procedure may be the only way to improve your oral health.

What Are Tooth Extractions?

They are dental procedures that entail permanently removing natural teeth from the mouth. Ideally, dental extractions are done by dentists or oral surgeons as an outpatient procedure. Depending on the type of tooth to be removed, the procedure can last anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes.

Since tooth extractions are invasive procedures, dental experts have a provision for sedation dentistry in the performance of extractions. The use of local anesthesia will numb your mouth to ensure you experience a painless procedure. In other cases, sedative medication may be employed to help overcome dental anxiety.

What Does the Process of Tooth Extraction Entail?

The process of removing your natural tooth is not complex. After numbing your mouth, a dentist will quickly and effortlessly dislodge the target tooth from your mouth. However, the process is not the same for all types of tooth extractions. Sometimes minimal surgery may be involved to cut open your gum tissue to access the target tooth. This is particularly the case for impacted teeth. Another process of extracting teeth may entail breaking down the target tooth into small pieces, making it more manageable and easy to remove. It is commonly a technique employed for stubborn teeth.

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Common Reasons Why You Need a Tooth Extraction

It is not every day where your SW Edmonton dentist recommends tooth removal. If anything, dental experts strive to ensure that your natural teeth are preserved as healthy and can serve you for a long time in your life. Still, it is not always possible to preserve your natural teeth, especially in cases where your dentist has the opportunity to salvage the health of your entire oral cavity. Some of the instances in which are to the extraction may be necessary include the following:

  • For severe tooth decay – dental decay is one of the most common problems in dentistry. It begins when bacteria in your mouth deteriorate the structure and health of your teeth, breaching into the different layers thereof. As soon as the infection gets to the internal parts of your teeth, the process of dental decay cannot be reversed. Furthermore, if you allow the infection to remain inside your tooth for a long time without treatment, the only treatment that would work best for you will be a tooth extraction near you.
  • Impacted teeth – refers to a situation where a natural tooth is stuck underneath the gums instead of erupting properly. Impacted teeth can make it uncomfortable for you to use your mouth effectively, especially when you experience soreness on your gums when chewing. Such a tooth would require an intricate extraction surgery to remove the tooth.
  • Problematic wisdom teeth – one big problem with wisdom teeth is how they erupt from the jawbone. Other than impacted wisdom teeth, these sets of molars can be problematic when the group toward the wrong direction. As such, the wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding in your mouth by placing unnecessary pressure on adjacent teeth. Other than making it hard to properly clean your teeth, problematic wisdom teeth can also tamper with the optimal functionality of your mouth. It is why ​wisdom teeth extraction in Edmonton is common, especially among young adults.
  • For orthodontic treatments –  orthodontics involves dental procedures that strengthen and realign malpositioned teeth. One of the problems treated in orthodontics is dental overcrowding, which features too many teeth relative to the space available in the jawbone. For your teeth to be realigned, therefore, your dentist may have to remove one or more of your natural teeth to create more room in your mouth.

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