Which Dental Procedures Can Change Your Smile in Cosmetic Dentistry? 

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Which Dental Procedures Can Change Your Smile in Cosmetic Dentistry? 

October 1, 2021

Do you know anyone near you that has undergone treatments in cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton? If so, then you understand the incredible potentials that exist for transforming your smile. If not, there is also hope for you. All you need is to visit a cosmetic dentist near you for a consultation regarding your dental expectations relative to what can be done to improve the appearance of your smile.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

It is an area of dentistry that focuses on making several improvements in the appearance of your smile. As such, in cosmetic dentistry near you, your dentist will employ different treatment protocols to cause changes that elevate the aesthetics of your smile. As such, a cosmetic dentist cannot work independently. In several cases, a cosmetic dentist would have to work with other dentists near you, particularly when it comes to a complete smile makeover. The processes will involve both invasive and non-invasive procedures, sometimes calling for specialized dental experts for aspects of dental health like orthodontics, periodontics, or endodontics.

However, in the general sense, a cosmetic dentist is about improving the appearance of your smile. Even without taking drastic measures, a dentist in South West Edmonton can transform the appearance of your teeth on different levels.

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Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Change Your Teeth and Smile

In general, all dental treatments will change your teeth. However, only cosmetic ones can cause aesthetic changes to your smile. Some such procedures include the following:

  • Teeth repairing – various elements of dental damage can be repaired in cosmetic dentistry. They include chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, decayed teeth, to mention a few. In the case of dental decay, your dentist will opt for a tooth filling that is tooth-colored and cosmetically pleasing. In several such cases, inlays and onlays, or composite or ceramic fillings, are used. When it comes to cracks or breaks on your teeth, composite resin bonding or dental veneers are perfect solutions to improve the appearance of your teeth.
  • Teeth whitening – encompass all dental works that can improve the color of your teeth. Some patients prefer professional teeth whitening, which entails bleaching the enamels of teeth to break down stubborn stains. Others, however, are okay with other alternatives like composite bonding or veneer teeth to whiten their teeth.
  • Teeth contouring – used to refer to dental works that reshape teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, your teeth can be reshaped regarding length and width to correct usually shaped teeth. It means that your teeth can also be elongated if they are too short.
  • Teeth alignment – in dentistry, realigning teeth often calls for orthodontic protocols that require up to 24 months to complete. As a cosmetic alternative, your dentist can suggest veneers teeth and composite resin bonding for straightening your teeth. The two approaches can close small gaps between your teeth and mask crooked teeth for a straightened appearance.
  • Tooth replacement – whether for a single tooth or multiple ones in a row, you can easily replace your lost teeth in a cosmetic dental clinic. Alternatives that you can choose from include dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. Depending on your preferences and dental expectations, either of the mentioned alternatives is suitable for replacing your lost teeth.
  • Gum reshaping – entails different surgical procedures that can contour the gums for a beautiful smile. Usually, the dentist will either perform a gum grafting surgery or a gum reduction surgery. Gum grafting is done to restore damaged gums that have receded away from teeth, exposing the roots. On the other hand, gum reduction surgery is performed to reduce the amount of gum tissue that shows when you smile.

Should You Try Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

If your primary goal is to improve the appearance of your smile, then be open to trying out various dental procedures. If you are going for a complete smile makeover, be prepared for drastic dental works to change your smile. However, understand that the costs of certain cosmetic procedures can run deep and are often not covered by many dental insurances. As such, have a budget you can work with to achieve your Hollywood-perfect smile.

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