What Is Important Is of Oral Hygiene National Brush Day?

What Is Important Is of Oral Hygiene National Brush Day?

November 1, 2022

Appropriate oral hygiene is essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums. When trying to maintain good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing become crucial practices. You must also see your dentist for exams and cleanings every six months because the preventive approach gives you an excellent opportunity to display a beautiful smile throughout your life.

What is National toothbrush day?

National Toothbrush Day is an initiative promoted by the world dental Federation to promote oral health by brushing teeth in communities and schools. The initiative by the Federation started in 2005 and is a three-year program aiming to reach many people to promote their activities.

Until 2013 the National toothbrush day reached a million people every year, but a substantial increase was noted in 2016 when the program evinced interest from 136 million. Phase 4 of the initiative began in January 2017. It included world health school programs and world health oral health day activities in 12 countries over 21 days, reaching many people and continuing the initiative for three years.

National toothbrush day focuses on educating children on the importance of brushing twice daily with fluoridated toothpaste, encouraging them to spread the message among others.

Phase 5 of the initiative will run in 11 countries for about three years and continue the main activities from earlier to children the message of brushing twice daily and reaching countries affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The National toothbrush day aims to prevent dental caries in children because 486 million are affected by this condition on their primary teeth mainly because they neglect to brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and do not have sufficient information on the importance of oral health.

What Is the Importance of the Toothbrush?

The National Brush Day 2022 promotes using the toothbrush as an essential tool to clean teeth because it is a personalized tool created for removing dental plaque on the teeth while also caring for and protecting the enamel and gums by soft material helps make them.

A toothbrush is available for everyone, including toddlers, children, adults, and seniors. It is the only tool that helps clean teeth to keep them healthy besides an electric toothbrush. Communities worldwide have promoted unique devices to clean teeth, none as effective as the toothbrush or remaining active over a lengthy period. It would be unjust to think one toothbrush will last forever because it doesn’t and requires replacement every 90 days or as the bristles start fraying. However, it is an essential tool to clean teeth and delivers excellent results when used appropriately in the mouth.

How Do You Care for Your Oral Health?

Caring for mouth hygiene shouldn’t come as a challenge for most Canadians, where health information is promoted by the Canadian government and all professionals working in dentistry. However, the Brush Day & Night initiative records that 2.4 billion globally are affected by oral diseases, and a substantial portion of children are combating similar issues. Therefore when caring for your teeth, you must incorporate the best practices to maintain excellent oral health.

  • Brushing twice daily with fluoridated toothpaste in the morning and at night is a habit you must teach and keep with you throughout your life. Your toothbrush can only do SO much and not more. Therefore, most dentists recommend changing the toothbrush the moment you notice its bristles fraying or in 90 days. Do not forget your tongue when brushing because it needs cleaning too.
  • Flossing once daily is also essential to eliminate plaque and food particles between your teeth where your toothbrush doesn’t reach.
  • You might think brushing and flossing are all needed to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Unfortunately, you defeat the importance of brushing daily and flossing if you don’t schedule six monthly visits to your dentist for oral prophylaxis to detect complications in your mouth that aggravate into severe conditions requiring help from different medical professionals. Therefore include visits to your dentist as an essential requirement that you cannot ignore to benefit your dental and overall health.

If you want to know more about the importance of national brushing day, which has been continuously ongoing since 2005 and takes good care of your dental health, you can receive help from Ellerslie Dental Clinic providing all information on this important event for children and everyone to benefit your oral health. Therefore if you have questions about this program, you can discuss them with the practice mentioned to quench your apprehensions.

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