What Every Parent Should Know about Pediatric Dental Care

What Every Parent Should Know about Pediatric Dental Care

August 1, 2023

Children are vulnerable to developing certain childhood habits that they carry throughout their lives. This specific habit of children makes it essential for them to create exemplary practices by making healthy food choices to brushing and flossing daily. The exercises help children significantly.

If you need to learn how to care for your child’s teeth, this article explains what every parent must know about pediatric dental care. We recommend reading it to care for your child’s teeth and overall health by ensuring they develop good habits.

When Should Your Child Foremost See the Dentist?

The CDC recommends children must be taken to a pediatric dentist in Edmonton, AB, soon after the emergence of their first tooth and no later than their first birthday. You can also visit the pediatric dentist with your child earlier to learn about problems like baby bottle tooth decay, finger and pacifier sucking, mouth cleaning, teething, et cetera.

When you meet the dentist with your child soon after their first tooth erupts, you receive help from a specialized dental professional with knowledge of managing children to ensure your child’s teeth are developing normally. In addition, by visiting the dentist at six monthly intervals, you help avoid tooth decay and infection in your child’s mouth, preventing them from joining approximately 40 percent of children combating similar problems.

Finding a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child’s Unique Needs

Every child is distinctive and has different needs. Therefore you must research pediatric dentists in your locality and meet them with your child by scheduling a free consultation before you visit any dentist near you thinking all dentists can manage children.

If your child expresses nervousness at the dentist’s office nearby, they are more likely to avoid dental appointments when they grow. You must ensure you do not create anxiousness in the child’s mind to make a dental visit an anxiety-causing experience.

You help yourself and your child by visiting different dental practices to ascertain whether your child feels comfortable at the dental practice. For example, pediatric dentistry in Edmonton has a dental team committed to making dental visits an excellent experience for your child to make them enjoy dental visits.

Understanding Common Pediatric Dental Issues and Their Treatment

Children’s dental needs are unlike those of adults. Therefore you must understand the common pediatric dental issues and the treatment dentists recommend.

For example, tooth decay is a chronic problem among children causing pain and discomfort. The optimal technique to prevent tooth decay is teaching your child to brush, floss and supervise them until six or seven to ensure they maintain excellent dental hygiene. In addition, it helps if you avoid giving children sugary and starchy foods often responsible for tooth decay.

Children with cavities on their teeth will require dental fillings to restore the teeth if the infection is detected late or can receive preventive measures to reverse early decay with silver diamine fluoride treatments. However, if tooth decay is left untreated, it can result in intensive treatments becoming essential or tooth extractions with space maintainers to ensure their remaining teeth do not drift to create a misalignment in their mouth.

Children are constantly playing and falling when playing at home or in school. Their playful activities make them vulnerable to losing their teeth. Instead of getting space maintainers for lost teeth, it helps if you discuss getting some created mouthguards for your child and get them to wear them during sporting activities in school.

When children develop molars at six and 12, the risk of cavities developing on their teeth increases significantly because the back teeth trap food particles allowing mouth bacteria to feed and deposit acids to erode tooth enamel and create holes. Fortunately, pediatric dentists identify the molar’s development and recommend protecting them with dental sealants to prevent food from remaining trapped in them and help you avoid cavities on your child’s teeth.

Pediatric dentists can also identify signs of teeth and jaw misalignment early, suggest interventional therapies, or at least prepare you for children’s orthodontics later.

As a parent, you must make all efforts to know about pediatric dental care and how to care for your child’s teeth by visiting a pediatric dentist to ensure they receive specialized dental treatment from infancy until adolescence. The early care they receive helps them to develop excellent oral health and a beautiful smile, besides benefiting from overall health.

Ellerslie Dental Clinic treats many children at their office in Edmonton, having a caring and compassionate environment. As a new parent concerned about caring for your child’s teeth visiting this practice for a free consultation will convince you why you should deal with them for your child’s oral health.

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