Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Edmonton, AB

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Edmonton, AB

Removing teeth is the last resort for dentists, and it typically only takes place for the health of the mouth and the patient. After examining your teeth, our dentist at Ellerslie Dental Clinic will develop a suitable treatment plan, which may include extractions.

When is an Extraction Necessary?

There are several reasons why teeth may need to be removed from your mouth. If you have a severe case of tooth decay, it can eat into the pulp of the tooth or spread to other teeth. While a root canal can restore a tooth, sometimes extracting and replacing it is the better solution.

Gum Disease

A severe case of periodontitis can also cause a tooth to need removal. This gum disease puts teeth at risk because the gums will loosen around them as it progresses. It can also expose the roots to bacteria that can cause decay. If you show signs of gum disease, then you need to see Dr. Navjot Sodhi as soon as possible. Some symptoms of gum disease are:

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums when brushing teeth
  • A receding gumline
  • Pocketing gums

Overcrowded Teeth

Some people have issues with too many teeth growing in, requiring extractions in Edmonton, AB to be necessary. An extra tooth can overlap others, affect your bite, and cause discomfort. Our dentist near you will determine which tooth to remove so that the others can grow unimpeded.

Impacted Teeth

Sometimes teeth cannot erupt through the gums because they are growing in at the wrong angle or trying to come in under other teeth. The wisdom teeth, which are the third molars, often grow beneath other molars as they try to grow in. When this happens, they will need surgical extractions.

Whenever they can, dentists will try to save a tooth instead of pulling it. However, sometimes extractions near you are necessary. Dr. Navjot Sodhi at Ellerslie Dental Clinic will examine your teeth and try to save those that can be saved, but not all teeth are salvageable.

If you have a tooth that requires removal, you will be made as comfortable as possible with sedation while our dentist in Edmonton, AB removes your tooth and treats your teeth.

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