Dental Sealants in Edmonton, AB

Dental Sealants in Edmonton, AB

Dentists have many ways they can help their patients prevent dental diseases like tooth decay or gum disease. A method that is popular for kids is to apply dental sealants to their teeth. Sealants prevent food debris from getting trapped in teeth and keep decay-causing bacteria from forming. Along with kids, adults can get their teeth sealed as well.

What Is Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant is a plastic coating on the teeth that keeps food and drink debris off them and prevents the formation of bacteria. It starts as a liquid that our dentist near you at Ellerslie Dental Clinic applies to the teeth. When placed under a curing light, it hardens and forms the seal.

Dr. Navjot Sodhi in Edmonton, AB will apply the sealant on the back teeth because they do most of the chewing when you eat. These teeth have several fissures and pits that can make removing food debris difficult. However, since a sealant starts as a liquid, it can get into those crevices and protect the teeth as the seal sets.

Getting Teeth Sealed as Adults

Although it is primarily children and teenagers who get dental sealants on their teeth, adults can get them too. Cavities are always a threat, mainly if you eat or drink items with sugar in them. Our dentist in Edmonton, AB will examine your teeth to check for decay. If your teeth have any decay on them, you won’t get a sealant.

Children can start getting their teeth sealed when their first permanent molars erupt, between five and seven years old. A sealant isn’t permanent, and it lasts about five years. However, if your child chews on their pencil, hard candy, or grinds their teeth, the sealant can sustain damage.

Fortunately, it is easy for Dr. Navjot Sodhi to repair a sealant. When she finds damage to one, she will ensure there isn’t any decay and then reapply the liquid sealant to the tooth. As it hardens, it will cover and protect the tooth again.

If you want to get sealants near you for yourself or your children, contact us at Ellerslie Dental Clinic.

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