Dental Bonding in Edmonton, AB

Dental Bonding in Edmonton, AB

If you fall or get hit in the mouth while playing sports and a tooth cracks or chips, you don’t need to live with the consequences. Our dentist at Ellerslie Dental Clinic has many ways to fix your tooth, including dental bonding.

What is Dental Bonding?

Instead of covering a crack or chip with a veneer or dental crown, bonding near you lets dentists cover it with a pliable material to sculpt over the flaw. This material is a composite resin that our dentist can place on any tooth that needs changing. For instance, if you have a chip, a gap between teeth, or a short tooth, Dr. Navjot Sodhi can use the bonding material to change the appearance of the tooth.

The bonding material can be spread over the area and sculpted so that it looks natural. Dr. Sodhi will polish the composite resin until the color matches the rest of your teeth. By the time our dentist in Edmonton, AB finishes with your tooth, you won’t be able to tell it apart from your natural one.

What You Can Expect

Your teeth will need to prepare for the composite resin so that it doesn’t slide off. Our dentist near you will use a mild acid to lightly roughen the enamel to allow the material to stay on the tooth on which they’re working.

Our dentist will apply the material to your tooth and sculpt it in place. After finishing the sculpting, they will allow the material to harden by using a curing light. Once it is hard, they will polish the tooth to get the correct shade and make it look as natural as possible.

Along with hiding flaws like cracks or chips, the composite resin can also make the tooth look longer, cement a veneer in place, or help to mend a broken tooth. Dr. Navjot Sodhi has many years of experience doing dental bonding in Edmonton, AB.

If you’ve chipped or cracked your tooth, contact Ellerslie Dental Clinic to consult with our dentist about fixing it. We can examine the damage to determine a suitable treatment.

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