Key Points You Should Aware of Before Fluoride Treatment

Key Points You Should Aware of Before Fluoride Treatment

April 1, 2023

If you have spent time near a dentist in Edmonton, CA, you know something about fluoride treatment. It’s a popular treatment protocol for strengthening teeth and boosting oral health. Although it is common in children’s dentistry, did you know fluoride treatments can benefit adults’ teeth too?

​A Brief About Fluoride Treatment

It is a treatment protocol in preventive dentistry that entails enriching teeth enamel with fluoride. Fluoride is a natural mineral found in food and drinks, responsible for re-mineralization. However, the amount of fluoride you derive from foods like tap water, boiled foods, and fish eaten with bones is not always sufficient for strengthening teeth. Therefore, a dentist near you will recommend a fluoride treatment.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Fluoride treatment is a quick process in general and preventive dentistry. Typically, dentists administer fluoride treatment after a dental cleaning. Therefore, it is likely that your dental cleaning process will comprise a fluoride treatment afterward. The cleaning is necessary to remove plaque and tartar on teeth surfaces before applying fluoride to teeth.

The application of fluoride typically entails painting the varnish, gel, or paste over teeth surfaces. The dentist will allow the varnish to remain on your teeth for a few minutes before You can leave the dental office.

​Things to Know Before Fluoride Treatment

Whether or not it is your first time learning about Fluoride treatment in Edmonton, CA, make due diligence to know enough about the treatment before getting started. Some of the fast facts about fluoride treatment are:

  1. Your teeth will appear yellow immediately after the treatment. However, do not be alarmed to think that the treatment has stained your teeth. Once you brush your teeth, the color should improve. Any further discoloration can indicate fluorosis due to overexposure to fluoride.
  2. You cannot brush your teeth until after about 24 hours. Dentists typically recommend this to ensure that your teeth have ample contact with fluoride before you rinse it off.
  3. Do not eat immediately after fluoride treatment – dentists recommend waiting about an hour before having your first meal.
  4. Too much is harmful, yet too little is insufficient – when it comes to fluoride treatment, getting the right amount is crucial to the success of the procedure. Too much fluoride can be harmful to your oral and general health. However, if you have insufficient fluoride, your teeth enamel will suffer from problems like wearing down or fractures.
  5. It is a regular treatment – getting fluoride for your teeth once in a lifetime is not enough. Instead, you need routine treatments, typically every three to six months.
  6. Fluoride treatment can treat tooth decay – one of the approaches that dentists near you can use to overcome oral cavities and tooth decay is fluoride treatment. However, fluoride is a proactive measure to prevent the decay process from occurring in the first place.

​Is Fluoride Treatment A Good Idea?

Do not underestimate the recommendation of your dentist at Ellerslie Dental Clinic to get fluoride treatment. Until you comprehend the benefits of fluoride treatment, you will continue to downplay it as a treatment for children’s teeth. Some factors that will make you realize that fluoride treatment is a good idea are:

  1. It can reverse cavities – if you get fluoride treatment during the early stages of dental cavity development, it can reverse it.
  2. It lowers the risk of oral infections – fluoride re-mineralizes teeth to heighten their resistance to bacteria and acids that cause oral infections.
  3. It strengthens teeth – fluoride helps maintain strong teeth by restoring minerals and increasing your teeth’ ability to absorb other nutrients.
  4. It can whiten teeth – technically, fluoride treatment itself does not whiten teeth. However, by fighting the bacteria and acids that deteriorate teeth enamel, you will get whiter teeth.
  5. It can prevent tooth loss – if you start your fluoride treatment early, you may avoid severe oral complications that may lead to tooth loss in the future.
  6. It boosts oral hygiene – fluoride treatments and dental cleanings go hand in hand. Besides, keep your mouth clean to get the best from fluoride treatments.
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