Do Dental Veneers Keep Your Teeth Healthy?

Do Dental Veneers Keep Your Teeth Healthy?

March 1, 2022

Dental veneers are thin tooth covers used to change the appearance of teeth. They are placed on teeth with cosmetic issues to transform them and give you a beautiful smile. The veneers are made of composite resin or porcelain material. Both materials mimic the color of surrounding teeth, giving you a natural-looking smile. Read on for more on dental veneers.

Yes, dental veneers keep your teeth healthy. These wafer-thin covers keep your teeth healthy. They do this by strengthening the cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. In addition, they prevent worn down teeth from wearing down, further leading to infections in the tooth pulp or tooth loss. Veneers also keep teeth healthy by correcting bite issues caused by crooked or misshapen teeth.

Dental Veneers Procedure

Dental veneers in Edmonton, AB, are placed in easy steps by an experienced and trained dentist. The first step involves preparing your teeth by removing some enamel from their front and sides. This creates room for the veneers so that the teeth do not feel bulky when the veneers are fixed. The dentist may skip this step if you are getting no-prep veneers.

The dentist will make an impression of the teeth to be improved with veneers. You may bite on a plaster mold to get the impression. Alternatively, the dentist may take 3D images of your teeth using a computerized dental wand. These are sent to the lab to help create an imprint of your teeth. Next, both you and the dentist will pick a veneers shade that closely matches your smile.

The tooth impression is finally sent to the dental laboratory. There a customized veneer is carefully created. A porcelain veneers procedure requires the preparation of the veneers in the lab. Since it will take a few weeks, the dentist will fit you with temporary veneers to use in the meantime.

However, if you want to fix your smile on the same day, it is possible. Your dentist will use a CERECĀ® machine to prepare your veneers as you wait. Once the veneers are ready, the dentist will fix them immediately. So you can walk in at Ellerslie Dental Clinic with a less than perfect smile and come out with an ideal smile. Schedule an appointment with us for same-day veneers.

The dental experts will remove the temporary veneers from your teeth and place the permanent ones at the next visit. They will confirm that they look as desired and fit properly before fixing them permanently. Then, they will be placed on the bad teeth to give you a perfect smile if they are okay.

Why Are Veneers Good for Your Teeth?

Veneers are good for your teeth because they address various issues to improve the function and appearance of teeth. Dental veneers near you may be used to:

  • Fix teeth that are cracked, chipped, or broken either from dental trauma or poor oral habits
  • Fortify teeth worn down by normal wear and tear or the bruxism condition
  • Change the length and size of misshapen teeth
  • Cover permanent or intrinsic teeth stains and make teeth appear whiter
  • Reduce gaps between teeth

What Are the Benefits of Having Veneers?

  • They enhance the appearance of teeth by covering several cosmetic flaws. Only one treatment is required to fix dental discoloration, chipping, and cracking.
  • The dental veneers procedure is simple, pain-free, and short. Therefore, people with limited time or have dental phobia can still have the smiles they desire.
  • You are assured of a natural-looking smile when you improve your teeth with dental veneers near you. The veneers are customized based on the color of your teeth, facial structure, and aesthetic needs. Therefore, they will look and feel natural.
  • They are a long-lasting solution to improving your smile since they can last for more than a decade. With proper maintenance, the porcelain veneers can last even longer.
  • Veneers made of porcelain are stain-resistant. They, therefore, give you the freedom to eat and drink without fear of staining teeth.
  • Maintaining veneer teeth is quite easy. Just take care of them the same way you do your natural teeth. Brush and floss routinely. Attend regular checkups where the good condition.
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