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Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Recovery

Wisdom teeth removal is very common and while it may not be fun, in many cases, it must be done to prevent serious problems and stop your other teeth from shifting. Every patient is different and recovery time after the surgery will vary based on the situation. In many cases, recovery can take up to a week but the process may be even longer, depending on whether or not your wisdom teeth were impacted. 

The extraction is completed in one day, so you will arrive for your surgery and leave the centre on that same day. Depending on your situation and what the surgeon feels is best, you will receive either local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia during the surgery so that you don’t feel anything. You will slowly start to regain feeling in your mouth as you begin to wake up and as the day progresses. It is mandatory, in most cases, to have a family member or friend drive you home once the surgery is complete because your condition will not allow you to drive even after waking up and feeling ready. 

The first day of recovery is when you may feel some pain as well as swelling, both of which are very normal. You may also experience blood in your mouth and using an ice pack is recommended, which you can place on your face anytime you want. Alcohol, caffeine and smoking must be avoided after the surgery, as should the use of a straw, and it’s always best to begin by eating very soft foods. 

While most people recover fully after about a week, the wound itself will take months to heal. This means you can still develop an infection several weeks after the surgery, which is why it is very important to take good care of yourself and pay close attention to any signs that your recovery may be in trouble. Resuming normal activity is fine the day after the surgery but anything that may affect the stitching or blood clot over your wound must be avoided so that you don’t run into any complications. Strenuous exercise, for example, is an activity that should be avoided. 

Remember that while swelling, pain and bleeding are all very normal after surgery, you should call your dentist if you feel that the bleeding is excessive or find your pain to be unbearable. It’s also very important that you follow the surgeon’s instructions very carefully regarding when and how to take your medications, as this will help with your recovery significantly. 

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